Tempe Insect Control

Insects are dangerous for both human and plants. They can destroy the whole crop within days. The insects are as old as the concept of agriculture. Various methods have been used to kill the insects. The insects are also dangerous for the environment and ecology. They decrease the productivity of the land. Moreover they are also the cause of various diseases in human being. The human being is also responsible for the growth of certain insects. There are large no of insects that grow due to any of our activity. The house flies only come when there is any sweet thing or waste food present in the home. In the same way seagulls have become common on sea resorts because they can get enough food there.

Types On Insect Control

The insects have very fast reproductive system so in order to kill their whole specie; one must kill all of them. Various insects have become resistant to different chemicals and other methods used for their control. Following are some of the methods for insect control.

Biological Insect Control

The biological insect control uses natural parasites and predators to kill the insects. For example a mosquito is usually killed by the bacteria that destroy its larvae. Such methods are natural and do not give any harm to the environment specially crops.

Decrease Their Reproduction

You can decrease the reproduction of insects by keeping the environment clean. The insects usually come on garage, waste food and other eatables. If you remove these things from your kitchen than the rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies will not come. They get food from these things. If you stop their food then they will eventually die so try to eliminate their reproduction areas.

Use Of Poison

The poison is also use for killing various insects such. You may do a poison spray in your field or at home. Some poisons are also unsafe for human being so their spray can be dangerous for your health.