Pest Control General

Pests aren’t just creepy and crawly, they can be potentially dangerous to your health and to the structure of your home or office building. Common pests, like roaches and flies can carry bacteria indoors, easily contaminating any surfaces or food items that they touch. One of the most common pests in Los Angeles, termites, can cause extensive damage to buildings. Without proper maintenance and preventive measures, a termite infestation or other pest problem can result in expensive repairs, or even complete destruction of the structure.

Common household pests, like ants, silverfish and cockroaches can easily get into your home or business through small cracks in the foundation, crevices in the walls, and even vents and pipes. Once these creatures get in, they immediately start nesting and causing damage to food, paper, fabric and even carpeting.

Bees are other stinging pests can cause damage to the outside of your home, quickly building large nests in the ground, in trees and shrubbery, and in spaces in between walls. Once the nests start growing, the potential for structure damage and being stung increases dramatically. For those who are allergic or sensitive to bee stings, effective pest control can be the difference between life or death.

Our foods are also susceptible to pest damage. Restaurants and home owners alike often report problems with “pantry pests”, another name for those insects that are prone to hiding in dry goods, rice, beans and dried fruit. These pests, which include beetles and weevils, can easily get into food that isn’t stored properly, contaminating it and making it unusable.

Effective pest control requires removing any existing problems and preventing new infestations from occurring. While previous methods of pest control relied on dangerous insecticides for getting rid of pests, recent developments have made environmentally friendly insecticides widely available to pest control professionals. By utilizing products that are safe yet effective, you will be protected from the problems that pests and rodents can cause to your home or business.

Since an important aspect of pest control is prevention, make sure to have your home or business inspected for areas where infestation could occur in the future. Trained pest control experts can identify these areas for you and offer solutions for how to close them off and make them impossible for pests to access. contact us today for your free inspection and consultation.