How to Control Carpenter Bees Safely

The main thing to know about carpenter bees is that they can cause damage to wooden structures by boring holes and preparing their nests. Although these insects are harmless, their presence can be annoying and frightening to some. The bees may resemble a bumblebee but they have hairless and shiny abdomen. If you want them to stop eating and destroying your house, you might want to control or get rid of them safely and completely. How do you do it?

Prevention is typically the approach to control the bees. If possible, craftsmen ought to construct outer parts of the house or the building with the use of a much harder wood variety not normally attacked by these insects. You can also fill wood depressions and cracks with caulk or steel wool so they can appear less appealing to carpenter bees. You can paint or use varnish over the surface of wood parts that are exposed regularly to the elements to prevent being nested. For tunnels made by the carpenter bees, you can fill them with the same packing substances or dump almond oil within and all over the bee holes. You can do this when you don’t want to use insecticides. This will drive away the bees and you may need to get the larvae out before painting the packed areas. Or should there be huge nests, you may not vacuum them out and merely seal the gaps or holes with all the bees trapped inside during the night so they can’t make their way out and shall eventually die within the wood interior. You can also use wire screening or metal flashing to protect the rough areas and seal several small openings that the bees have made. This entire clearing and control usually takes for about 12 weeks but in the end, your property is duly saved.