What are Carpenter Bees

Resembling bumble bees, carpenter bees can grow to over an inch and they have orange, yellow to white hairs with shiny black abdomens. You can differentiate the male from the female bees by looking at some white markings in the male’s faces and identifying the black head with that of a female. Generally, the male carpenter bees do not sting while the females do. Yet the female carpenter bees are believed to be docile. The peak of mating between the […]

How to Get Rid Of Bees

With much hype related to bees close to extinction on has to be very careful before opting for drastic measures. First and the most important thing to consider is, taking the help of a professional bee keeper who can deal with bees smoothly. To get rid of bees is not that simple as it may seem and what you need is a little patience in such a situation where bees are swarming up. Be patient but do what is necessary […]

How to Control Carpenter Bees Safely

The main thing to know about carpenter bees is that they can cause damage to wooden structures by boring holes and preparing their nests. Although these insects are harmless, their presence can be annoying and frightening to some. The bees may resemble a bumblebee but they have hairless and shiny abdomen. If you want them to stop eating and destroying your house, you might want to control or get rid of them safely and completely. How do you do it? […]

Getting the Best out of Commercial Pest Control Services

Before you start thinking about getting the best out of commercial pest control services, the point you need to look at is, what is the professional commercial customer service going to do for you, which you cannot do yourself? A number of DIY experts are thus going to take up arms against any sort of pest infiltration in their commercial premises. They are going to spray strong smelling chemical-based liquids on the walls, and in cracks of their commercial building, […]

Choosing The Services Of The Best Professional Commercial Pest Exterminators

Just imagine a newly constructed commercial complex. The architects are extremely proud of the design and the quality of the material used to create that particular edifice in Melbourne. However, within a couple of months of moving in, you notice pests coming to explore the area and staying, because they liked the complex so much. That is because somebody forgot about total and permanent pest proofing. Apart from the damaged walls, which had not been termite proofed, you may find […]

Choosing The Right Commercial Pest Exterminators

Now that you have noticed that pests have a lamentable tendency to make themselves at home, on every available surface and at all hours of the day, your top priority is to choose the Right commercial pest exterminators to get rid of this invasion, is not it. But before that, you need to know something about the nature of those pestilential pests. Rats, ants, cockroaches and termites are some of the common pests which are going to be around to […]


ALL ABOUT CARPENTER BEES Carpenter bee is a member of subfamily XYLOCOPINAE. Their skins are full of hairs and have very big eyes and are found everywhere. These are very large and there are over 500 species worldwide. These are ready to damage any wood such as bamboo and timbers and such other woods are in danger because of these. French entomologist Pierre Andre Latreille explained the genus in 1802.Most of the species live by making social groups with their […]