Ants are one of those insects that are naturally present in large no on this earth. The ants live in the form of colonies and grow very rapidly. Even the homes are also net safe from them. They reach everywhere in order to get their food. There are basically two categories of ants, one are those that live and grow in the homes while the other lives outside the house but they get food from the house. The ants living outside the home are stronger and dangerous. The carpenter ants are relatively more dangerous. They are red in color and they live inside the house. These ants can destroy the wood material especially furniture made from soft wood. The most effective way to kill these ants is to destroy their nests.

Ant Control Methods

In order to control the ants, one should follow certain steps. First of all, you should seal all the cracks and crevices because these are the main places from which the ants come in to the home. Moreover you should spray the detergents on the entry doors of the home. Bait treatments and insecticides are also used for ant control. In order to use these methods, you should apply baits and insecticides on their common places on nests in order to destroy the whole colony. Insecticides are good for ant control but you should follow the prescriptions before using these insecticides. Some insecticides are also dangerous for human health so you must be very careful. Keep them away from the children. Most of the people do common mistakes. They only spay the insecticides on some worker ants. Although, it decreases the population of ants for some time but it is not the permanent solution. You must destroy the nests of the ants for permanent ant control.