What are Carpenter Bees

Resembling bumble bees, carpenter bees can grow to over an inch and they have orange, yellow to white hairs with shiny black abdomens. You can differentiate the male from the female bees by looking at some white markings in the male’s faces and identifying the black head with that of a female. Generally, the male carpenter bees do not sting while the females do. Yet the female carpenter bees are believed to be docile. The peak of mating between the […]

Tempe Insect Control

Insects are dangerous for both human and plants. They can destroy the whole crop within days. The insects are as old as the concept of agriculture. Various methods have been used to kill the insects. The insects are also dangerous for the environment and ecology. They decrease the productivity of the land. Moreover they are also the cause of various diseases in human being. The human being is also responsible for the growth of certain insects. There are large no […]

Tempe Bee Removal

The bees many times cause a great problem to us. Then we become restless to remove them from the place. But it is not easy and many times challenging to remo0ve them. So to do this successfully we must take help of the experts. At first we can do this by disturbing the hive of bees. It’s a great idea because if it is done properly they will not like to make residence on the place again. Africanized bees are […]

Roach Control

Cockroaches are extremely adaptable, allowing them to survive in conditions that other insects couldn’t handle. Thanks to this adaptable nature, roaches can be very difficult to control. These pesky insects aren’t just unappealing to see, they can be highly dangerous as well. Roaches carry bacteria on their bodies that is easily transferred to humans. They transmit mainly gastrointestinal diseases, including food poisoning, dysentery and diarrhea. Additionally, roaches create what is known as “roach dust”, which is a strong attack trigger […]

Rat _ Mice control

Rodents like rats and small mice can cause enormous amounts of damage to your home or business. They often sneak in through open doors or attic and foundation vents. Rats and mice are known not only for carrying infectious diseases, but for gnawing through furniture and electrical wires as well. Damage from these types of rodents can be extremely expensive to repair, and the animals are known for reproducing quickly once they have entered a home. Nothing can deter customers […]

Pest Control General

Pests aren’t just creepy and crawly, they can be potentially dangerous to your health and to the structure of your home or office building. Common pests, like roaches and flies can carry bacteria indoors, easily contaminating any surfaces or food items that they touch. One of the most common pests in Los Angeles, termites, can cause extensive damage to buildings. Without proper maintenance and preventive measures, a termite infestation or other pest problem can result in expensive repairs, or even […]

Our Services

Our Services At Bugs Or Us, we offer a wide variety of services that are always being improved upon as new techniques and methods of pest control are developed. Unlike other Los Angeles pest control companies that only utilize harmful insecticides, we are proud to offer solutions that are not only highly effective, but environmentally friendly as well. Our experts utilize the latest developments in insecticides, baits and traps to rid your home or business of pests permanently. We provide […]

How to Get Rid Of Bees

With much hype related to bees close to extinction on has to be very careful before opting for drastic measures. First and the most important thing to consider is, taking the help of a professional bee keeper who can deal with bees smoothly. To get rid of bees is not that simple as it may seem and what you need is a little patience in such a situation where bees are swarming up. Be patient but do what is necessary […]

How to Control Carpenter Bees Safely

The main thing to know about carpenter bees is that they can cause damage to wooden structures by boring holes and preparing their nests. Although these insects are harmless, their presence can be annoying and frightening to some. The bees may resemble a bumblebee but they have hairless and shiny abdomen. If you want them to stop eating and destroying your house, you might want to control or get rid of them safely and completely. How do you do it? […]

Hiring a Pest Control Service

When you look at hiring a pest management corporation, it is a good practice would be to keep these top 7 points in your mind. All Pest Control Companies are Not the same You will discover companies who’ll complete their job swiftly and smartly and there are the ones who’ll fail to accomplish what you ask and even rip you off Will the Pest Control Company Offer Firm Rates If a pest control business provides you with a firm fixed […]

Getting the Best out of Commercial Pest Control Services

Before you start thinking about getting the best out of commercial pest control services, the point you need to look at is, what is the professional commercial customer service going to do for you, which you cannot do yourself? A number of DIY experts are thus going to take up arms against any sort of pest infiltration in their commercial premises. They are going to spray strong smelling chemical-based liquids on the walls, and in cracks of their commercial building, […]

Control Your Pest Easily

Pest control plays a great role in our agriculture. In daily life many times we face the attack of various kinds of pests. If we can’t control them properly they will cause a great problems and immense harm of our agriculture. In this article I will discuss how it can be done easily. If parasites are growing quickly it seems that, they start to eat plants that plow the field so as not to reach the goal you are looking […]

Choosing The Services Of The Best Professional Commercial Pest Exterminators

Just imagine a newly constructed commercial complex. The architects are extremely proud of the design and the quality of the material used to create that particular edifice in Melbourne. However, within a couple of months of moving in, you notice pests coming to explore the area and staying, because they liked the complex so much. That is because somebody forgot about total and permanent pest proofing. Apart from the damaged walls, which had not been termite proofed, you may find […]

Choosing The Right Commercial Pest Exterminators

Now that you have noticed that pests have a lamentable tendency to make themselves at home, on every available surface and at all hours of the day, your top priority is to choose the Right commercial pest exterminators to get rid of this invasion, is not it. But before that, you need to know something about the nature of those pestilential pests. Rats, ants, cockroaches and termites are some of the common pests which are going to be around to […]


ALL ABOUT CARPENTER BEES Carpenter bee is a member of subfamily XYLOCOPINAE. Their skins are full of hairs and have very big eyes and are found everywhere. These are very large and there are over 500 species worldwide. These are ready to damage any wood such as bamboo and timbers and such other woods are in danger because of these. French entomologist Pierre Andre Latreille explained the genus in 1802.Most of the species live by making social groups with their […]


ABOUT ANT CONTROL Ants are one of those insects that are naturally present in large no on this earth. The ants live in the form of colonies and grow very rapidly. Even the homes are also net safe from them. They reach everywhere in order to get their food. There are basically two categories of ants, one are those that live and grow in the homes while the other lives outside the house but they get food from the house. […]


ABOUT ANT CONTROL Ants are one of those insects that are naturally present in large no on this earth. The ants live in the form of colonies and grow very rapidly. Even the homes are also net safe from them. They reach everywhere in order to get their food. There are basically two categories of ants, one are those that live and grow in the homes while the other lives outside the house but they get food from the house. […]