Carpenter bee is a member of subfamily XYLOCOPINAE. Their skins are full of hairs and have very big eyes and are found everywhere. These are very large and there are over 500 species worldwide. These are ready to damage any wood such as bamboo and timbers and such other woods are in danger because of these. French entomologist Pierre Andre Latreille explained the genus in 1802.Most of the species live by making social groups with their sisters and brothers. These bees use wood bits to separate the cells of the next. Few of them bore holes in the dwellings of the wood.


Carpenter bees help in the pollination of the flowers. Carpenter bees are often mixed with bumblebees because of the similar size and color. Carpenter bees have labor between them and build their nests near the other nests and guard their nests. These make nests by making tunnels ant they make tunnels to pollinate and store their food. Their eggs have a large size and most of them are the largest of all the insects. Mating systems are of two types.

  • In this method, males have big eyes and they wait for the females to pursue them and make a pair.
  • In this method, males have small heads and they release pheromones which spread in the air and the presence of the male is advertised by this to females.


Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from carpenter bees because their woods might be of floor or doors are damaged and they need to be replaced bringing many costs and wastage of time. It also leaves particles of sand which adds to the dirtiness and pollution and the only problem is that they are very big and dangerous for the children. This problem is adding to the pollution and most of the people are overcoming it by using different bees’ killers and are successful. So if you are facing the same problem be aware of the solutions and try to get more information about the newest types of the bees’ killers and be smart and successful.