About Us

Bugs Or Us has been providing professional, environmentally friendly Los Angeles pest control services since 1979. Our extensive experience in working with Los Angeles and Orange County homes and business owners has made us a leader in effective and safe methods of pest control. We utilize the latest in pest and rodent control methods to constantly improve on our services in controlling and eliminating infestations in the home and at work. Our professional services give property owners important peace of mind that they are protected from potentially dangerous and unhealthy infestations.

Since no two pest problems are alike, we develop solutions for each customer that includes getting rid of existing problems and preventing new ones from happening. Our targeted solutions, which are carried out by our team of licensed and trained pest control experts, are developed on a case by case basis to ensure that the most effective approach is used. We take the time to fully evaluate the situation in the initial consultation, and offer solutions for getting rid of the problem in the most effective and efficient way possible.

We continually follow the latest technology and practices in Los Angeles termite control and pest prevention to improve our services, offering our customers the latest innovations in environmentally friendly pesticides, traps and baits. Our dedication to constant improvement also includes staying up to date on industry trends and information. The Bugs or Us team of Los Angeles exterminators attend annual training to learn the latest in pest control, including new methods of treatment and more effective preventative measures. Thanks to this training and our dedication to customer satisfaction, our customers receive the highest quality of service available in Los Angeles home and business pest control.

Your home or business should be protected by pest control professionals who understand the types of infestation that are common to the area, and who are trained to treat any problems they find. Not only is it important to treat current infestations, but we will also prevent new ones from occurring. Protect your home, office, or restaurant with our discrete pest control methods and you’ll see what a difference our services can make.

To learn more about the dangers of pests and rodents, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today for a free consultation. By taking the time to address a pest problem early and to prevent future infestations, you’ll be making a sound investment in the future of your home or business.