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BioDistrict New Orleans encompasses 1,500 acres spanning the Downtown and Mid-City areas of New Orleans. The BioDistrict is focused on the development of a biosciences industry in New Orleans that will provide world-class biosciences research and development; local, regional, and global healthcare delivery; and stable, high-paying jobs for professionals, managers and workers representing a wide range of skills.

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Economic Development

BioDistrict New Orleans is focused on creating and sustaining an economic development engine for our community through globally competitive bioscience and environmental research and development. This economic development will create high paying sustainable new jobs for the city of New Orleans over the next eight to ten years, not only in the biosciences, but also in banking, law, construction and a plethora of other service industries that stand to benefit. By encouraging public-private partnerships and collaboration between our cornerstone institutions, the BioDistrict will create a sustainable and resilient innovation economy for the greater New Orleans region.

The estimated economic impact of the BioDistrict over the course of 15-20 years is:

Econ Ben Summary


  • 34,000 direct and indirect jobs
  • 3,600 annual construction jobs
  • $3.3 Billion in Local Economic Investment Activity
  • $24 Billion in increased Personal Earnings
  • $1.9 Billion in State Sales Tax Generated
  • $1.4 Billion in Local Tax Generated
  • 11.6 Million Square Feet of New, Absorbed or Renovated Buildings
  • 2,000+ Housing Units
  • 125 Extended Stay hotel rooms

Executive Summary 2013

Downloadable Brochure 2013


BioDistrict New Orleans works to provide educational training and workforce development opportunities based on the emerging jobs in our community focused on biotechnology, bioscience, and medical research and development. It is essential that we expand local employment opportunities that provide the foundation for viable careers. Some of BioDistrict New Orleans’ current workforce development projects include incumbent worker training, curriculum development, bringing together government and educational entities to expand exposure to the healthcare industry in elementary and secondary schools, writing grants to bolster research opportunities, and locating the new Math and Science Charter High School in the BioDistrict.


The BioDistrict will anchor a vibrant, mixed-use urban community containing the healthiest, smartest and most sustainable neighborhoods in the country, all the while retaining what is and has always been unique to the culture of New Orleans. It is of utmost importance that the BioDistrict creates a managed environment to live, work, and invest.


A major component of creating a healthy, smart and sustainable BioDistrict in New Orleans is for its representative state agency to serve as a leader of advocacy that will solidify improvement, opportunity and real results. The BioDistrict serves  as the ongoing ambassador and liaison between the city, state and federal government, private businesses, and educational institutions.

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BioDistrict New Orleans

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